Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome back Kim Heechul ! -SJ- :)


Today is about

After 2 years waiting for him. Today is d-day!
ELF (Super Junior fans name) is excited coz he will comeback from army.
Hashtag for his comeback #WelcomeBackHeenim #WelcomebackSpaceBigStarComeback #우주대스타컴백 #HeechulisBack  Kim Heechul

Credit: smtownengsub
All the trend was trending on twitter :)

So Heechul oppa , spread the love and return to SJ .
ELF miss you and always waiting for you ;)
Antis will afraid coz u're back with SJ n ELF <3

He already created his own Instagram account and upload his famous jinpangg(bun).
Do follow him ^^ 

Lots of love from ELF :)

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