Wednesday, July 24, 2013

London Day 4 Part 1: Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

Day 4 already heee

you can check here if u miss my previous post ^^

We decided to take a bus tour. The weather is HOT for today. wuhuu .After breakfast, we start walking through one oil station. There's a bus stop there. We took The Big Bus Tour. Very comfortable :) We paid 30GBP  .

We can go everywhere in the map as long as we have the ticket ^^
 After we settle with ticket. We went to the bus stop and the bus will pick us to the destination. 
Before reach my first destination, from this double decker bus i've took many pics. compile it below :)

First destination, Trafalgar Square.

What is Trafalgar Square? READ :)
*click to large the pic*

what i know is.. this is the place you must go when u come to London keke

When I looked around, I saw Tourism Malaysia.
so proud and there's Halal food 'Jom Makan' here. ^^

The National Gallery.
just took a picture. didnt go in :)

Second destination. Buckingham Palace.

We decided to take Guided Walking Tours : ROYAL LONDON WALK :D
We wait at the bus stop and one guy came to guide us to the palace.
*forgot to take a pic with him sobs*

so we enter with him at the palace. He walked so fast. fuhhh (semput nak keja haha)

so we wait here to watch one group of ppl who ride the horse. awesome weeii ;)

then we move here to wait for marching band to walk in :)
around 2000 people waiting to watch it from here. chaos coz too many people.
i dont want to seperate with my group so I walked fast too +_+

so this is in front Buckingham Palace Gate.
This palace is where the Queen live if i'm not mistaken. 
p/s: diorang sangat bangga dengan Queen diorang.

this is what happened in the gate. the changing of guard in the palace :)
 tourist not be able to enter the palace.

last picture. so tired coz i walked too fast keke

so part 2 will coming next ^^ i'm trying...


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