Tuesday, October 2, 2012

something precious on EARTH!

the best lyric
the best song
the best voice
the best group
the best album


Super Junior completed my life.
they give me chance to know more people
to share things with others
learn what the world is about
and learn how ppl betray each other ;p
love the haters and hate each other.
know people from entire of the world.
together with them voting for SUJU.
my time always for them.
HOPEFULLY, i can be with them FOREVER !

Me: NEVER meet them but ENABLE to love them 


ps: to ex ELF! RIP!

read the trans on the video and you will know how precious they are :)
dont talk about other artist with me because they're not in my heart!
and dont talk with me about KPOP if you only know oppa gangnam style.. pfft!

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