Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to Basic~Hyukjae in my ♥


Here i'm to blog again ^^
haish so long i'm not blogging~
people make me wanna blogging now..
thanx to my rumate,ERU :)

She always open her dashboard blog~
then i just see and really want to blog again :D

i'm here to post something..
yah of course about my bias again!
dont EVER feel boring..
i'm not going to blog the same picture :)

why you so handsome???
yah i love to see his smile,his eyes..
gosh.. TAI WAN MEI!!!!

i'm not crazy because i'm telling you the truth!
if my sister know this she will be mad at me..

Yano, Hyukjae also MINE! haha

farah unnie, IMY! when we can spazz again??

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