Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hyukjae Tweet Tweet ♥

Its has been 14 days Hyukjae didnt tweet..
kinda miss him so much..
Today i go to Wangsa Walk to buy something..
tweet with my unnies...blablabla
Tired of Waiting from Hyukjae tweet keke
haish talking rubbish~~lalalalala

When i'm HOME!
i saw HYUKJAE♥ TWEET!!! walawei..

@AllRiseSilver*May is blue our world~ dad mum nuna choco members friends fans I miss them all

@AllRiseSilver Children's day!!!!! hoom ha ha ha haht!!!! In my room there is the childlike innocent!!!!!! I am going to become the sea king hoom ha ha ha haht This is a corner of my room in our Taiwan dorm...If you combine this with the ones I have in korea!!!! hoom ha ha ha ha it would be extreme^^^^^^^

@AllRiseSilver: Children everyone you guys can not pick your

@AllRiseSilver 맞아요 어린이날은 신나는겁니다
@AllRiseSilver that's correct children's day is exciting

Source: @AllRiseSilver
Translated by: hyomieholic at SJ-WORLD.NET

his tweet more than 1.. thats ELF call  SUPER MAN!! haha
and his selca pictures killing me from inside :D

welcome to my 1st BIAS HYUKJAE <3

CUTEY! when they take this picture?? 

Nose Nose Nose ^^

and idk what is this.. kinda like a children stuff..
Hyukjae do u play all this??keke

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