Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A date with ELF :))

~Last Sunday~
I went to Time Square :)
I want to meet our unnie and dongsangie ^^
Just know them at fb and twtr..
that day I meet them in real life weeee~~
Finally i can meet them..
even though ididnt went to SS3..
but im HAPPY when i meet ELF!
they're so special to me :))


ops this picture i take before meet them ^^
Mariam and me :))

from left: Mariam,me,unnie Anim,unnieAin,unnie Yani 
and beloved dongsangie Triz <33

we're ELF!!! 
dont try to hurt our SUPER JUNIOR oppa.
coz we're SUPER GIRL..keke

yeah posing time :))
i'm so excited when posing keke ^^


we ate at Korean Cuisine :))
the 'abang' at the counter
seriously korean look..
waaa melt~~ but cant challenge my HAE wakkaka

Ramen and pancake~
seriously delicious babe..

i ate this chicken set..
all this food was cooked by malay chef :)

meet this twin that always cheerful :))
and kak yani..-sorry idont have ur pic *sigh
the best unnie i told ya~

unnie Ain cut the pancake into pieces..
and all of us enjoy that pancake..weee

Mariam and Triz :)
Triz so quite, but i know she is talkative person keke

we talk about SUJU for 2 hours lol
its too long.. but we really cant stop talking about them..
can we meet again?? hehe

last picture for this post is me and unnie Anim
she so small but cute :))
she really want to meet me..
i think she glad to meet me that day..*SS keke

we can meet again :))
really want to date with u guys again..
even though we just meet on that day..
but it seems that we have meet everyday..
we so close.. *miss that moment
and i will not forget that day ><

p/s: try to write in english
too much failure here ><


  1. talkaktive person ?? haha...

  2. hehe.. beta sungguh gumbira jumpa anda semua.. >< nk jumpa lageyhh!

  3. triz sbnrnye kamu talkative person la ;p kamu je baru tau skrg hoho


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